Following the introduction of EYA in 2005, Award Categories and Criteria kept on changing yearly to accommodate the current business environment. In 2011 ATE carried out a major review on the process which saw the introduction of some new categories and criteria. This year 2017 again ATE has carried out a major review and we excited and look forward for the best EYA 2017. AWARD CATEGORIES.

The following are Award Criterion for 2017:
• Governance and Leadership
• Human Resource Management Excellence
• Quality, Productivity and Innovation
• Responsible Business Conduct
• Employee Engagement
• Talent Management and Development
• Performance Management
• Training and Development
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Employee Wellness (NEW)
• Managing Diversity and Inclusion (NEW)
• Att raction and Retention (NEW)
• Industrial Relations (NEW)
• Work Life Balance (NEW)
• Employer Branding (NEW)
• Managing an Aging Workforce (NEW)
• Technology Investment (NEW)


1. Overall Award
2. Public Sector Award (NEW)
3. Private Sector Award (NEW)
4. Local Employer Award (NEW)
5. NGO Employer Award (NEW)
6. Size Based Award